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      Frequently Asked Questions About Basophil Activation Tests

      Basophil activation test is considered a promising test for identifying allergenic foods, though it has challenges in use outside of a research setting. These tests measure how basophils, a type of white blood cell in your body, react. What do your basophils do when they encounter an allergen? Do they spring into action, or do they remain calm? With these tests, doctors can understand which substances you are allergic to or how sensitive your immune system is.


      Getting into the technical details, the basophil activation test measures the expression of markers like CD63 and CD203c on the surface of basophils. These markers indicate the activation of the basophil. During the test, your blood samples are exposed to various allergens, and how basophils react to these allergens is analyzed.


      One of the best aspects of these tests is the ability to diagnose allergies without direct exposure to potentially triggering substances. We can safely test the body's reaction to allergens in a laboratory setting. This is especially advantageous for individuals with severe allergies. It should be noted that basophil activation tests are not used for all types of allergies. They are preferred mainly for the diagnosis of certain allergies, especially food and drug allergies. Thus, alongside traditional skin prick tests or blood tests, the basophil activation test has become one of the important tools for doctors in diagnosing allergies.

      Both tests are used in allergy diagnosis, but they offer different methods and advantages. Primarily, BDT is a blood test that directly measures the response of basophils to allergens. In this test, your blood samples are exposed to various allergens, and whether basophils respond to these allergens is examined. One of the biggest advantages of BDT is that the body is not exposed to allergens to trigger an allergic reaction. Thus, the test is done without the risk of serious allergic reactions, which is a significant safety factor for people with serious allergic reactions.


      The skin prick test involves injecting small amounts of allergens under the skin. This test shows your body's direct reaction to various allergens. However, allergic reactions can occasionally occur during this test. While the prick test is a quick and economical method for a wide range of allergens, it can sometimes give misleading results or be risky in serious allergies.


      Another superiority of BDT is that, in some cases, it can provide more specific results. For instance, in food allergies, BDT can sometimes offer more sensitive results than the skin prick test. It can also be more effective in diagnosing some drug allergies.

      The biggest advantage of this test is its safety. There is no risk of experiencing an allergic reaction during the test. Another advantage is its sensitivity. BDT can provide more sensitive results than the skin prick test in some cases, especially in food or certain drug allergies. This can be very useful in situations where you wonder, "Do I really have an allergy to this?" BDT can provide clearer answers in such cases.


      Additionally, with BDT, you can separately analyze your body's reaction to various allergens. This is an excellent way to understand what exactly your allergy is against. If the cause of the allergy is not known, this test can be a lifesaver. BDT sometimes provides more specific results compared to other tests in allergy diagnosis, meaning the test results can be less misleading.

      BDT, or Basophil Degranulation Test, is a lifesaver in specific scenarios. If standard allergy tests aren't revealing much but you're still experiencing odd reactions to certain foods, BDT can step in. This test might uncover food allergies that other methods fail to detect.


      BDT can also be used to understand drug allergies. It's utilized to decipher the cause of sudden reactions to medications, especially in allergies to common drugs like antibiotics. For researchers and doctors, BDT serves another purpose. It's a fantastic tool for scientists wanting to better comprehend allergy mechanisms. This test is used in unraveling the mysteries of allergy science.


      If you have severe allergic reactions, BDT can be particularly useful. Other tests can sometimes be risky, but BDT minimizes these risks. This test helps safely identify allergy triggers.

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