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      Smile Design (Hollywood Smile) Frequently Asked Questions

      Smile design, or more popularly known as Hollywood smile, is a dental aesthetic application specially designed according to the person's mouth structure, face shape and aesthetic expectations. This design usually refers to white and straight teeth and is inspired by the radiant smiles of Hollywood stars.

      In this process, a plan is made in line with the aesthetic expectations of the dentist and the patient. In smile design; Many factors such as the color, shape, size and appearance of the gums are taken into consideration. The treatment process may include various dentistry techniques such as teeth whitening, veneer applications, gum arrangements, orthodontic treatments or implants if necessary.


      The Hollywood smile is customized to fit the person's face and oral structure. This provides not only an aesthetic enhancement, but also a functional enhancement. This method, which is preferred to achieve an aesthetic and healthy smile that increases self-confidence, is very popular today.


      Since each patient's needs are different, the smile design process may vary from person to person. Therefore, it is important for people considering this treatment to have a detailed consultation with their dentist.

      When designing a smile, first of all, what the patient wants should be taken into consideration. Another criterion is to work with experts in the field. Among other criteria is the face shape of the person. It is necessary to design a smile that is compatible with the general structure of the face. A more horizontal and wide smile may suit someone with a long facial structure, while a more vertical and narrow smile may suit someone with a round face.


      The color, shape and size of the teeth are among the other important criteria. Natural-looking, healthy and shiny teeth always create a more attractive smile. Also, the condition of the gums should not be ignored. Because the gums are a part of the aesthetic smile that supports the healthy appearance of the teeth. The age and gender of the person is also one of the important criteria.  Different designs can be preferred for a young and dynamic look, and different designs for a mature and elegant look. Symmetry and proportion are also very important in smile design. The two sides of the face being balanced and proportional provides a natural and pleasant appearance.

      The smile design process begins with the creation of a treatment plan in line with the patient's dental structure and wishes. In the first step, the patient's current dental condition is usually evaluated in detail. Various diagnostic tests such as X-rays and intraoral photographs are performed. In the light of this information, a treatment plan is prepared according to the patient's needs.


      After the treatment plan is prepared, various treatments such as teeth whitening, gum treatments, fillings, veneers or orthodontic procedures can be applied if necessary. For example, if the teeth are discolored or slightly crowded, these problems are addressed first.


      In some cases, it may be necessary to change the shape and size of the teeth. This can be achieved with porcelain veneers or dental crowns. These procedures give the teeth a smoother and more aesthetic appearance.


      If orthodontic treatment is required, this may take a little longer. Because it takes time to straighten the teeth and bring them into the ideal position. But in the end, both a functional and aesthetic smile is achieved. In the last stage of the treatment process, after all treatments are completed, final checks are performed. At this stage, patient satisfaction is at the forefront. If the patient and the dentist are satisfied with the result, the treatment is completed.

      In the post-procedure period, your teeth may be a little sensitive. Therefore, it may be a good idea to avoid very hot or very cold drinks and foods for a while. It is also useful to stay away from hard foods that can damage your teeth. Instead of cracking hard foods like nuts directly with your teeth, it is better to break them into smaller pieces.


      If your Smile Design includes laminate or similar applications, you may need to avoid biting hard objects to avoid damaging these materials. Also, not skipping regular dental check-ups ensures that any problems are recognized early.


      Habits such as smoking and excessive coffee consumption can also negatively affect the aesthetics of your new smile. Limiting or quitting such habits will help your teeth stay white and healthy for longer.

      Smile design is usually preferred in cases where a person is not satisfied with their teeth and smile aesthetics. This can be caused by various reasons. For example, if there are discolorations or stains on the teeth, these problems can be eliminated with smile design. Also, if the teeth are uneven, crooked or have gaps between them, smile design can be applied to correct these situations. Broken or worn teeth can also be restored with smile design. Some people may not be satisfied with the general appearance of their tooth shapes. Such aesthetic concerns can also be addressed with smile design. The appearance of the gums is also an important aesthetic issue for some people. If the gums appear too much or have an uneven appearance, smile design can offer improvements in this regard.


      Smile design is suitable for people who have generally healthy teeth and gums but have aesthetic concerns. However, first of all, a detailed dentist examination and consultation is essential before starting such an application. Because everyone's tooth structure, oral health status and aesthetic expectations are different. Smile design is an excellent solution for individuals with both functional and aesthetic concerns.