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      Hair Mesotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

      Hair mesotherapy is commonly used to treat hair loss and improve hair health. In this procedure, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed by the hair are injected directly into the scalp using fine needles. The aim is to nourish the hair follicles, reduce hair loss, and promote healthier hair growth.


      The popularity of this method has increased in recent years, as it has provided effective results for many individuals.

      If you have just started experiencing hair loss or it's not at a severe level, this treatment can be effective. It helps strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss. It can also be a good option for those noticing the beginning of hair thinning, as the small injections into the scalp can strengthen the hair and make it appear fuller. This treatment is suitable for both male and female pattern hair loss and can sometimes be effective for hair loss due to genetic factors. Not only for hair loss, but those wanting to improve overall hair health can also opt for this treatment. However, hair mesotherapy might not be suitable for everyone, especially those with certain skin diseases, allergies, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Therefore, consulting a specialist before starting the treatment is crucial.

      The first step is consulting a specialist. Providing information about hair health and skin structure is important to understand if the treatment is suitable. Before starting the treatment, the scalp is cleaned and sterilized to reduce the risk of infection.


      A special mixture is prepared for hair mesotherapy. This mixture usually includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and sometimes growth factors needed by the hair. The actual procedure starts here. This mixture is injected into the scalp using very fine needles. This process may cause slight discomfort but is generally not painful.


      The treatment process usually lasts a few weeks and is repeated at certain intervals. The duration of each session and the total duration of treatment can vary depending on the individual's condition and needs.


      After the treatment, it's important to be gentle with the scalp and follow the given care instructions. Sometimes, special shampoos or serums to be applied at home are recommended to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Hair mesotherapy should be performed in a professional setting by an experienced specialist. Like any medical procedure, it can involve some risks and may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, it's best to thoroughly research and consult a specialist before starting this treatment.

      Hair mesotherapy can significantly reduce hair loss. It strengthens hair roots and can be effective, especially in the early stages of hair loss. It can improve the overall quality and appearance of the hair. Hair may appear shinier, healthier, and more vibrant.


      Hair mesotherapy can increase hair density and volume. Thinning hair can become stronger and thicker. This treatment can also help hair grow faster. Nutritious injections to the hair follicles can promote hair growth. The treatment of the scalp can also improve scalp health. A healthier scalp contributes to healthier hair.


      Of course, these benefits can vary from person to person, and everyone's response to the treatment can be different. Also, hair mesotherapy may require several sessions for best results.

      Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method specifically for hair health. The principle behind it is quite simple. The aim of this treatment is to reduce hair loss and ensure healthier hair. Hair mesotherapy can reduce hair loss by directly injecting nutrients into the hair roots. This can be effective, especially for those experiencing early-stage hair loss. These injections into the scalp improve hair quality. Hair may start to look more vibrant and healthy.


      It is also used to increase the density and fullness of hair. This treatment can be beneficial for thinning hair. Injecting hair growth-promoting factors into the scalp can speed up hair growth. It also improves the health of the scalp.


      In short, hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that fights hair loss and makes hair healthier and more beautiful. However, everyone's response to the treatment can be different, and sometimes several sessions may be required.

      Hair mesotherapy, while being a popular treatment for hair health, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.




      - Effective Hair Loss Treatment: Significantly effective in reducing hair loss, nourishing the hair roots directly.

      - Improves Hair Quality: Makes the hair healthier, shinier, and more vibrant.

      - Increases Density and Fullness: Can make thinning hair fuller and thicker.

      - Easy Application: The treatment consists of short, generally painless sessions.

      - Quick Results: Some may observe the effects of the treatment rapidly.




      - Cost: Hair mesotherapy can be expensive and is usually not covered by insurance.

      - Side Effects: Side effects like redness, bruising, or mild pain at the injection site may occur.

      - Multiple Sessions Required: For effective results, multiple sessions may be needed, adding time and cost.

      - Not Suitable for Everyone: Not every hair type and hair loss condition is suitable. It can be risky for those with certain skin diseases or prone to allergic reactions.

      - Not a Permanent Solution: Hair mesotherapy does not treat the underlying causes of hair loss, only alleviates symptoms.


      Hair mesotherapy can be an attractive option for many looking to improve their hair health. However, as with any medical procedure, it is important to research thoroughly and consult a specialist beforehand.