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      Breast Aesthetics Frequently Asked Questions

      Breast aesthetics draws attention as a surgical field that is increasingly attracting attention and demand today. Aesthetic surgery is a branch that aims to improve the shape, size and symmetry of people's breasts. Breast aesthetics usually includes surgical interventions performed to correct conditions such as volume loss, sagging or asymmetry in the breasts.

      It is generally recommended for breast augmentation operations at the age of 18 and above, because breast development is usually completed at this age. Breast reduction or shaping surgeries are usually considered after the age of 18, but since each patient is different, surgical decisions are shaped according to the individual situation.

      Implants have made significant advances in safety. However, as with any surgical intervention, it is important to consider the potential risks. To date, silicone implants have not been found to cause any carcinogenic or immunologic diseases. 


      First of all, it is very important to work with a surgeon who is specialized and experienced in this field. The FDA regularly checks the safety of silicone implants, but we recommend that you have a detailed discussion with your doctor to make an appropriate assessment of your personal health status. Your surgeon will recommend you to choose a breast implant according to your body type, personal and aesthetic goals.

      Breast aesthetics is a procedure that constitutes an important area of modern aesthetic surgery applications and includes various surgical interventions that many women prefer to change their image and increase their self-confidence. Breast aesthetics includes many types such as breast augmentation, reduction, lifting and reconstruction. Each one is planned specifically for the individual's personal needs and goals. Breast aesthetics is becoming safer and more effective with the innovations brought by modern medicine and surgical techniques.

      Breast Augmentation Surgery; It is an operation preferred by people who think that their breasts are too small, not the same size or that their breasts have lost their shape. In breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are used to increase the size of the breasts. In addition to increasing breast size, the operation also improves the natural shape of the breasts and can be used to correct breasts of different sizes. The types of implants used during the operation usually include silicone or saline and are determined depending on the surgeon's preference and the patient's body structure. Breast augmentation surgery usually gives successful and satisfactory results when performed by an appropriate surgeon. Breast implants do not last a lifetime. They may need to be replaced at some point.

      A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, lifts the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to create a more youthful breast contour. During the operation, the surgeon usually lifts the breast tissue, removing excess skin where necessary and moving the nipple to a higher position. In this way, the breasts gain a more aesthetic form. Breast lift surgeries are generally preferred to correct changes in the shape of the breasts due to factors such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding and diet.  Meeting with a plastic surgeon is the first step to inform the surgeon about your goals. The surgeon should then explain the breast lift operation, its risks and progress in detail.


      Complications after a breast lift are quite mild. Bleeding, infection and scarring are the most common. Your surgeon will inform you about this. Finally, you should stop heavy lifting for at least 4 to 6 weeks after the breast lift.

      Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild the breasts after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Two main methods are usually used for breast reconstruction: the use of implants or flap surgery using the patient's own tissues. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and this decision is made depending on the patient's specific situation. In flap reconstruction, your surgeon takes tissue from your own body (autologous tissue) and uses it to create a breast. They usually take the tissue from the lower abdomen (belly). But it can also be taken from your thigh, back or buttocks. Your surgeon may remove fat, skin, blood vessels and muscles from these parts of your body to create a new breast.


      In implant reconstruction, surgeons use saline or silicone implants to recreate breast tissue. Sometimes surgeons use a combination of implants and tissue taken from your body. Implant reconstruction can take place together with a mastectomy. Or you may choose to have this procedure after a mastectomy.

      Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure to make the breasts smaller. The plastic surgeon removes breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to reduce its size and change its shape and position in the chest. By removing excess breast tissue and skin during surgery, the nipple is moved to a higher position and the overall shape of the breast is corrected. This surgery helps to alleviate not only the appearance but also physical discomforts such as back pain and neck pain. Cosmetic surgeons can use one of several different surgical techniques when performing breast reduction; which technique the surgeon uses for any given patient depends on the patient's existing breast anatomy, the type and amount of tissue to be removed, and the patient's desired outcome.


      If you are considering breast reduction surgery, choosing a plastic surgeon is the most important decision you will make. Although some in the field of plastic surgery view breast reduction as a reconstructive procedure, the patient's goal is rarely just to correct physical symptoms without considering aesthetic improvements. You should make sure that your plastic surgeon can both reduce your breasts to the right size to alleviate the discomfort caused by large breasts and create a more beautiful breast shape that looks natural with your body.