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Going from one country to another for any reason (length of waiting period, affordability of treatment or better quality health care, etc.) only for treatment. Tourist health: The illness and treatment of people who come from abroad temporarily, the health of the tourists' places and the health of those who provide services to tourists are also included in the subject of tourist health.
It is directly proportional to Your recovery process, depending on the characteristics of the medical intervention you have undergone. Your doctor, who consults with you, will determine the reasonable time in this regard.
Important achievements in organ transplantation, genetic tests, Neurosurgery, Eye (the world's largest eye clinic network is located in Istanbul), Cardiology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery and Dentistry bring Turkey to the fore in health tourism.
As Health Services, we will provide an interpreter service for your communication needs, who can speak every language well and knows your social and cultural characteristics.
You should bring all kinds of documents, reports, documents containing information about your health problem.
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