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      DHI Hair Transplantation Frequently Asked Questions

      DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplantation is a modern and advanced hair transplant technique applied to individuals experiencing hair loss or baldness. In this technique, grafts are collected from the neck area, similar to the Micro FUE method. The grafts are kept outside for a minimal time and are immediately transplanted, ensuring healthier and stronger hair growth. No channels are made in the area to receive the transplant, and the hairs are transferred directly using special tips. This saves time, and the harvested hairs are quickly reimplanted.

      The first step is a preliminary consultation at the clinic. Here, you discuss with your doctor your hair condition, how much transplantation will be done, and which areas will be focused on. Things like the hairline and density are decided here. The key is to transplant the hairs in their natural direction.


      Then, the hair roots are collected. These roots, usually taken from the nape, are extracted one by one with a device called a micromotor. The extracted roots are then directly placed into the scalp using an instrument called the Choi pen. After the transplantation, there can be some swelling and mild discomfort, but this usually subsides within a few days. Of course, following the care instructions given by the doctor during this period is very important. The shedding of some transplanted hairs in the first few weeks is quite normal, known as 'shock loss.' It can take up to 6 months to a year to see the final results.

      The duration of DHI hair transplantation depends on several different factors. The main things affecting the duration are how large an area is being transplanted and the total number of hair follicles being implanted. Generally, the DHI hair transplantation process takes about 6 to 8 hours. However, this can be less or more, of course.


      If the focus is only on a small area, the procedure can be completed more quickly. But if it covers a broader area, the process can exceed 8 hours. Especially if a large number of hair follicles need to be transplanted, the process can take a bit longer.


      It's important to remember: DHI is a detailed and attention-requiring procedure. Each hair root needs to be implanted at the correct angle and direction, which is why the process can sometimes take longer than anticipated.

      With DHI, when you restore your hair, nobody says, "Looks like those hairs were transplanted." Because you can transplant each hair root precisely in its natural direction. The results are so natural that it looks like hair loss never happened.


      In this method, there are no large incisions, so there are no stitch marks left behind. With DHI, you can adjust the hair density and distribution just how you want it. Do you want a thicker hairline or a natural transition? It's entirely up to you.


      After DHI, the recovery process is quite quick, so patients don't take long to return to their normal lives. Thanks to the special tools used in DHI, the risk of damaging the hair roots is reduced. The transplanted hairs grow healthier. Since the incisions in DHI are fewer and smaller, the risk of infection is also reduced. The DHI hair transplant method is a significant advantage for individuals who have not experienced hair loss.

      The hair growth time after DHI hair transplantation generally requires a bit of patience. The process varies from person to person, but the general timeline is as follows:


      First Few Weeks: Right after the transplant, some of the hairs shed. This is called 'shock loss,' a completely normal process. So, there's no need to panic when you see the transplanted hairs falling out, as it's part of the healing process.


      3-4 Months Later: At this stage, new hairs start to grow. However, these new hairs might initially be thin and weak but will thicken and strengthen over time.


      6 Months And Beyond: During this period, the hairs begin to become more prominent and permanent. There is a noticeable improvement in hair density and quality.


      1 Year Later: The final results are generally visible 1 year after the transplant. At this point, the natural appearance and density of the hairs are clearly evident.


      Generally, it takes about 6 months to a year after DHI hair transplantation to see the real results. Being patient during this process and following the hair care recommended by the doctor is very important. Since everyone's body structure and hair growth rate are different, experiences during this process can vary from person to person. But generally, after a year, most people who have undergone the transplant are satisfied.

      The appearance of the hair after DHI hair transplantation is actually one of the biggest advantages of this procedure. When done correctly and the healing process progresses smoothly, the appearance of the hair can be quite natural and impressive. The DHI technique allows the hair to be implanted according to its natural growth direction, making the appearance of the hair very similar to natural hair. No one can tell that the hair has been transplanted.


      DHI allows for more controlled adjustment of hair density and the shape of the hairline. As a result, the hair attains a dense and orderly appearance. Once the healing process is complete, the transplanted hair is usually healthy and strong. This hair eventually becomes similar in thickness and color to natural hair.

      DHI hair transplantation offers permanent results. Once the hair starts growing, it can be cut and styled like normal hair. Of course, how successful the results will be depends on the experience of the doctor performing the procedure, as well as the patient's hair type and overall health condition.


       Additionally, adhering to the care instructions provided post-transplant is very important. With proper care and correct application, the hair is expected to have a very natural and attractive appearance after DHI hair transplantation, which is a significant morale booster for many people experiencing hair loss issues.